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A simple change in what we put in dogs’ bowls can have a transformative impact on their health — improving everything from digestion and weight issues, to energy levels and life span. 

Over the years, we have received a lot of love heart and praise from dedicated pet lovers who believe, as we do, that our pets deserve the same quality of nutrition we expect for ourselves.  These humans tell it best.

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Whole Grain Original
Anita Ketchie (Stockton, US)
Mother of 2 finicky spoiled dogs who like Happy Dog.

I cook the Happy Dog mixture-- 2 1/4 cup dry mix with 8 cups water. I sous vide 2 pounds of chicken breast to 165 degrees. I then shred the chicken breast into the cooked mixture of Happy Dog. I warm my pup's portions in a non-stick pan before they eat. I am worried a bit because my dogs will not eat the food if I put the supplement powder on top of the food--so I have not been using the supplement. The vet says they are both healthy. I was using Farmer's Dog beef flavor prior to switching to Happy Dog (that was the only flavor they liked). My vet did not approve of one of the first ingredients in the Farmer's Dog formula and he recommended Happy Dog. I have been using Happy Dog ever since.

Vitality Grain Free
Nancy JH (Hoschton, US)
It's superb

Jake loves his veggies from Happy Dog Food!! He knows when I am preparing a batch and waits to get tastes of it before I put it in a container. YES! He gets to lick the spoon....and the pan!

Whole Grain Original
Claudia J Abbott (Santa Clara, US)
Rex loves it! Best he’s ever had!

10 yr old Rex joined us a month ago. He was rehomed from my step daughter in Hawaii after she adopted him at 8 yrs. She has a rambunctious 5yr old son & 1 yr old crazy full of energy Labordoodle. Rex was stressed with all the chaos so brought him home to California - we are both retired w/resident Yorkie mix Buddy & 2 cats. Was a circus for the first few weeks but all is well. Was already feeding Buddy Happy Dog Food & Rex took to it right away. He is living his best life with us and eating the best food ever!

Whole Grain Original
Sarah Rogers (Huron, US)
Dog approved

Happy Dog was recommended to us by a friend of ours. We’re on our second bag and are not disappointed. We will continue to purchase this food- Our lab loves it!

Whole Grain Original
Pamela Paterson (El Dorado Hills, US)
🐾🤗Living the BEST life 🐾

Healthy & Happy 14 yrs young with WHOLE lifetime of Happy Dog

Whole Grain Original
Sara Speelman (Victorville, US)
Jack and Lucy

They really love the food. They are always ready to eat!!!! I feel confident knowing I am giving them food that has been well researched and tried and true. They are happy puppies!!!

Vitality Grain Free
Susi Cronk (Santa Cruz, US)
Pele Loves ❤️ Happy Dog Food

Pele my 8 year old red toy poodle has been enjoying his Happy Dog Food for the last 5 years. Every morning he rushes to the kitchen to have his first serving of the day, he does a happy 😊 dance before his dish is filled. Around noon he'll remind me that he wants a second serving by ringing a bell, knocking his dish or barking by his bowl. Happy Dog Food is the best and he now has 3 friends that enjoy Happy Dog food too. 5 🌟 STARS!

Whole Grain Original
Annamarie Wilson (Longmont, US)
Loki Loves Happy Dog Food

I mix his Happy Dog Food with another nutritious brand of dog food, but if I don’t mix in his Happy Dog Food (his “happiness”), he either won’t eat it or it takes him forever to finish. I have been feeding Loki Happy Dog Food for years. He loves his “happiness.”

Whole Grain Original
Verlinda Carey (Sacramento, US)
Best dog food ever!!

My two dogs love happy dog food! It’s the only food they eat!!

Vitality Grain Free
Diana Jo (Torrance, US)
Healthy and Easy!

My 5 uear old Maltipoo was a very picky eater in the past, until we discovered Happy Dog Food. Vitality Grain Free is his favorite! Mixed with ground turkey and the excellent provided supplement, we are 100% confident he is getting a healthy & balanced diet. Thank you !

Whole Grain Original
Lynne Tingle (Olympia, US)
My Milo Dogs Love Happy Dog Food!

I cook up a package (4) chicken thighs, big chunks of carrots and celery into a nice soup then add the Happy Dog and cook for the 30 mins. The cooked carrots make awesome special treats, the thigh bones are easy to find and remove, the chicken easily falls apart and mixes in. The many dogs I care for at the Milo Foundation Sanctuary look forward to their delicious dinners every night!

Whole Grain Original
Lynda Kamrath (Eugene, US)

We have used Happy Dog for years and my dogs love it. I cook twice a week and add meat from our local butcher.

Whole Grain Original
Kimberly Shreve (Denver, US)
Fantastic Food

We have used Happy Dog for many years. The overall health improvement for our dogs is visible. We just had a vet check up for our little girl who has horrible allergies. Her medication alone doesn't do it but combined with Happy Dog, her eyes and skin visible clear up. The vet was shocked. Only thing that I would suggest is if they would provide instructions for adding the minerald to an entire batch, not just by meal. Great product.

Whole Grain Original
Joyce Martorella (Lodi, US)

Our two boys, 11 and 12, been eating this food for many years and still love it so much. We get the 20lb bag and make a batch weekly and freeze it so it’s always fresh.

Vitality Grain Free
Crystal Rogers (Moss Point, US)
Love it!

My toy poodle suffered from skin allergies for many years until she started seeing a holistic vet that recommended this food. I am very pleased with this it as it has helped lexy overcome her allergies. She has been eating this food for about 4 years now and is much happier and healthier. Lexy just turned 10 years old and is doing great! I will continue to feed her this food hopefully for 10+ more years.

Lucky's Organic Peanut Butter Cookies
Ann Rickabaugh (Antelope, US)
Great snack!

Once you buy these cookies for your dog you'll reorder them like I have done. Our dog loves them and they make such a great treat for him when he deserves to be rewarded or just because we love him!

Hearty & Healthy Express
Elizabeth Hammel (Seattle, US)
Happy Dog Is the Best!

My chihuahua Jo loves Happy Dog. No picky pups in our house!

Vitality Grain Free
Ronda Howard (Walnut Grove, US)
Smokey loves it!

I love the ease of use of this product.
My little boy loves it!
However, I do think it needs less carrots in it. Carrots have a lot of sugar.
Other then that we love it!

Whole Grain Original
Leslie Hilford (Oakland, US)
Happiest dog food

Happiest dog food… My Petey is 14 and has been eating Happy Dog Food since he was four years old. In his first four years he change foods about five or six times. But he loves his Happy Dog Food! He gets so excited when I’m getting his food prepared, even after 10 years🐶

Whole Grain Original
Claudia J.
The Best!

My dog Buddy loves his Happy Dog food. Came to me as an eight year old rescue with digestive issues. Switched to Happy Dog food and within a few days his poop was healthy & normal! Been that way ever since!

Whole Grain Original food - Remington loves it

I don't mix it with the meat - but use it as a topper for Remi's dry dog food. He loves it. While it is cooking he stands by my side selling it. You can tell he knows it is for him. Everyone morning when i put it on his food - He stands there and waits to lick the spoon, before he will go eat his food out of the bowl.
very spoiled puppy that loves his happy dog.

Whole grain original and nutrient supplement

I have given Happy Dog original whole grain to my dogs for more than one year. It is one part of their daily meals (breakfast). I supplement the food with cooked ground turkey. I also use the nutrient supplement as directed. My dogs love the food, and I am confident it is good for them. I also prepare homemade food for my dogs, but the Happy Dog is much less time consuming to make. I weigh out portions, distribute into plastic bags and freeze them. I thaw them overnight for use the next day.

Awesome Dog Food

Our dogs love this food. We make a big batch at a time with ground turkey and freeze packages of it so it last for a month. Takes some time and energy but seems worth it. The dogs love it fresh out of the pan !


My experience was great, and so far so good with this food. Our Boston has had bad reactions to all dog foods we’ve tried. This has kept his skin clear so far. Hoping it continues to do good.

Whole Grain Original
Alethea W.
Our dogs Love ❤️ it!

This is a very easy product to prepare. The dogs absolutely enjoy eating it.