About Us

In June 2008, my husband Robbie and I became the new owners of Happy Dog Food which had been established in 1998 by Linda Murdock. We had been feeding our dogs Happy Dog for two years and absolutely loved the product. We jumped at the chance to purchase the business when Linda retired.

We were first introduced to Happy Dog Food in 2006 when our foster dog, Knuckles, was suffering from chronic diarrhea and vomiting. We found out he had an intolerance to commercial dog foods. We tried several prescription diets, but there was still no improvement.

We began researching raw food diets, grain free diets, and home cooked recipes. A good friend who had had great results with Happy Dog referred us to Linda. Linda described her different products and explained the benefits of feeding natural human food to dogs. I bought my first bag of Happy Dog for Knuckles, and from the very first meal, his gastrointestinal problems were gone! It was really an eye opener for us.

We began feeding Happy Dog to all of our dogs and wow, what a difference! Not only were our dogs much more enthusiastic about mealtime, but our senior dog, Joe, was able to lose the extra weight he had been carrying, he was able to get up with ease, his coat became shiny and healthy again, and his eyesight improved!

Robbie and I are avid dog lovers and we are so thrilled to own a company that can help improve the health and wellbeing of so many dogs.

We are on a mission to change the way people feed their dogs. Encouraging people to feed their dogs whole, fresh, real food because we believe it dramatically improves the wellness of our canine companions and ultimately extends their lifespan.

We hope you will try Happy Dog Food for the dog in your life!

Debra & Robbie Long