The Best Food for Graying Muzzles

It seems to happen overnight.

One day, your dog is leaping like a puppy, and the next you notice he is a little slower… and is that grey in his muzzle?

Yes, aging can come on quickly. It makes you wonder what this means for your dog’s future.

Not to worry. If your dog is starting to become grey in the muzzle, there are plenty of ways to make sure he prospers as a healthy senior.

Why A Senior Dog Needs A Different Diet Than Younger Pups

Proper nutrition is important at every stage of your dog’s life … but it’s especially worthwhile to consider his nutritional needs in senior years. Just as humans develop more health conditions as they get older, dogs also experience issues like:

  •  Reduced joint mobility and arthritis
  •  Weight gain due to decreased activity and slower digestion
  •  Higher risk of developing diabetes and dental, kidney and heart diseases
Your Dog’s Food Can Make All The Difference

As a dog lover, I’ve always been especially passionate about helping older dogs. Of course, puppies are cute and loveable … but I’ve found that older dogs have personality and wisdom not typically found in younger pups.

When our late dog Joe was 10 years old, he had a hard time walkingbecause of crippling arthritis. After lots of research, we made a change in Joe's diet, which is a route many pet owners take for their sick or aging dog.

Once we started feeding him healthy homemade dog food,we saw the profound impact that making the switch had on Joe's health … and how quickly he benefitted from the results. In fact, diet was so instrumental in improving Joe's well-being that it led us to purchase Happy Dog Food.

Owning two senior dogs now has taught us that, just like humans,diet greatly influences their health and wellness. Even if your dog is already well into his teenage years,it’s never too late to switch up his feeding routine. Both you and your fur baby will be happy you did. 

Changing Appetites 

As your pooch ages, he may start turning up his snoot at food. Variety is just as important for your dog as it is for you.

While you may be astonished to see your dog suddenly growing gray, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure a long, healthy life. Pamper him with a diet that best meets his nutritional needs. 

And remember, if it's good for you it's good for him too!