Protecting Our Dogs on the 4th of July

A Great Day for Humans - Not So Great for our Dogs

The 4th of July, celebrating our independence, gathering with family and friends for good food, fun games and watching the fireworks. It's a perfect end to the day - but not for our canine companions.

Do Not Bring Your Dog to a July 4th Celebration

Wanting to include your pup in the day’s festivities is admirable, but please leave your dog at home. Even dogs who don’t seem to mind loud noises can be affected by the thunderous booms of fireworks. Some dogs can even have delayed reactions to loud noises and not show symptoms until much later. So do your four-legged pal a favor and leave him safe at home while you go out and celebrate Independence Day.

Do Use ID Tags at All Times

An alarmingly high number of dogs are lost during fireworks displays because they’re trying to get away from the scary sounds, which is why it’s so important that your dog has identification on him or her at all times. Even responsible owners can find their pets slipping out of their collars and escaping through a door or window after a particularly loud burst of noise. So tighten that collar and make sure those tags are firmly in place.

Do Plan Ahead

Some dogs are more noise-sensitive than others. If your dog has issues with loud noises, plan ahead for fireworks displays by staying home with your dog or taking your pup to an indoor care facility where he or she can be watched and soothed by professionals.

• If you do choose to stay home, try to keep your dog in a quiet place
• Stay as far away from exterior walls and windows as possible
• Watch for signs of stress
• If your dog panics, be calm, try to redirect his or her attention with treats or toys
• Don’t punish the behavior as they have no control over it.

There are also a number of different products available on the market to help fearful dogs cope, such as body wraps like Thundershirts, soothing music, and even medication for truly serious cases.