The Benefits of Cooking Meals for Your Dog

Making a home-cooked meal for your pup isn't so far fetched. Here are some benefits and reasons to take the plunge:

You Cook Meals For Yourself Anyways

This is a factor in a lot of ways. Dogs are natural scavengers. This means that they are omnivorous and they eat a lot of the same things that people do. That means that, after researching which foods dogs can't have (there aren't many), your pup can share your menu. Putting the love into creating meals for your pup is rewarding and learning their preferences (or lack of preference) can be a fun way to bond.

Elimination Diets Are So Much Easier

If your pup is having any health problems, from diarrhea to hair-loss, it can be linked to their diet. Food is fuel. When cooking for your pup, it's easier to leave out the grains or other possible irritants to find out what is causing their symptoms. This is near impossible to do when using packaged dog foods. Sometimes, you need to know the source of ingredients as well. Say your dog is having a reaction to a pesticide used in the peas in their packaged kibble. How would you ever know? 

You Know EXACTLY What They are Eating.

The regulations for packaged dog food don't exist. Most of the commercial dog foods are full of fillers like corn and 'meal'. These things are nothing but filler and have no health benefits for your dog. Even some of the most expensive dog foods are guilty of including fillers, making for some really expensive poop! On top of all of those fillers, packaged foods also have to use preservatives to make sure the food doesn't go rancid in the bag. It is unknown what kind of side effects dogs can experience from many of the preservatives used. 

Less Waste to Clean Up

When you cut out the fillers, your dog will absorb most of the food that they eat, significantly reducing the amount of waste they create. By giving them real food, you are giving them the nutrients that they need to be healthy, not just surviving. Cheap fillers go in one end, and out the other.

You Get to Have Meals Together

It may seem a little strange but, if you have a breed that is prone to over-eating, you understand this. If you're cooking for your pup, it's more convenient to keep their feeding times, since they're the same as yours. This removes the temptation to leave food out for your dogs all the time, as some dogs cannot self-regulate.

There's No Reason NOT to

Cooking for your canine can be much more convenient than making a special trip to the store for dog food. At first glance, it seems like it may take extra time, but that simply isn't so, since you have to cook anyway. Stop supporting these massive companies that are feeding your furry family members preservatives and fillers, and start supporting your local farmers.

Your dog(s) deserve to live a happy, healthy life and you can help them achieve that. They depend on you to make the right decisions for them and the food that you choose is the most important decision that you will make in your history of pup-parent. Your dog will be happier, healthier, have a shinier coat, stronger nails, and less health problems.

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