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    Optimizing Your Dog's Health

    Nutrition, Exercise & Lots of ♥♥♥

It All Starts with Nutrition

Of all the decisions you make on behalf of your dog, his diet is the most important. Beginning his life with the best puppy food and transitioning into the best dog food will have an immediate and significant effect on the length and quality of his life. That being true, it is helpful to understand some fundamentals of canine nutrition.

Canine nutrients are comprised of six basic categories: 1) protein 2) fats 3) Carbohydrates 4) minerals 5) vitamins 6) water.  Of the six essential nutrients, only three are ‘energy’ producing, meaning they contribute to metabolizable energy, also referred to as Calories (Kcals).  Dogs are omnivores. Essentially, this means they derive their energy from all three energy producing nutrients.  Recent studies suggest that dogs have actually evolved to process carbohydrates alongside humans in their domestication process.

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